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The Nationalist Movement Party sees and accepts democracy, a regime in which the nation is best represented in the administration of a state, as a system where the rule of law, human rights and liberties, and the freedom of thought, enterprise and conscience are secured.

The Turkish Grand National Assembly, represented by the members elected with the independent and free votes of our Nation, is an institution where our national will and sensibilities are manifested at the highest level. The political parties are the indispensable elements of the democratic life.

The establishment of social peace, comfort and security within a unity and integrity in Turkey depends mainly on the proper working of the democratic regime with its institutions and rules and also on the efforts of political and social actors and intellectuals who absorb democracy and are in good relationship with the national and moral values of people.

Our pluralistic democracy ideal, in which the nation is best represented in the administration of a state, proposes the protection of the rights and interests of each member of the society, providing their political and social participation, equal opportunities and securing their share from the economic wealth, regardless of the number and power norms.

Our party regards developing the ways and mechanisms for securing the human rights and precluding transform of the majority power principle into the majority autocracy; and preventing any kind of action including provocation and violence, which will threaten the liberties and the future of a citizen or the whole society, in conformity with the rule of the law principle as its fundamental objective.