Social Justice and Turkish Societism
Ana SayfaAna Sayfa  

Social Justice and Turkish Societism

Weakening of emotional homogeneity and intellectual sensibilities because of global problems and fluctuations, decrease in social ties; weakening of face to face communicative culture because of virtual communication and similar developments do not change the fact that people live together in a certain social order and cultural climate.

Societism reminding people of responsibilities to live together and attaching importance to individual and his/her society, by its nature, has the collaborative and unifying character. One of the biggest benefits of societism is to create a harmonious and peaceful social order that is based on collaboration, sharing and fraternity instead of a society in which members are removing from each other.

Taking its roots fully from a national stance, enlightened by the culture of the Turkish Nation which has been distilled for centuries, bears no similarity or resemblance whatsoever with any foreign ideology.

Turkish societism is an idea that sets forth having fair distribution of wealth, keeping national sensibilities of the nation alive, and strengthening social peace by uplifting good characters such as sacrifice and remission instead of selfishness and carelessness.