Securing Basic Rights And Freedom
Ana SayfaAna Sayfa  

Securing Basic Rights And Freedom

One of the primary responsibilities of the state is to preserve and develop untouchable, inalienable and fundamental rights and liberties of the individual, mainly the right to life, and recognizing them is the basis for freedom, justice and peace.

We believe that every individual has fundamental rights and liberties as human being. We assert that no restrictions could be imposed on the exercise of these rights unless they pose a threat to the national security, main characteristics of the Republic, indivisible integrity of the state with its territory and nation, public order, public morality, public health and people’s exercise of their fundamental rights and freedoms.


Our Party considering every individual a supreme being is strongly against every kind of torture and torment, inhuman and humiliating treatment and practice, and believes that every individual has the right to live and to protect and develop his or her physical and spiritual existence, and that every individual must be provided with personal liberty and safety, and his or her life must be secured.

Freedom of Thought and Opinion

Our Party believes that without damaging national unity and integrity, public interest and public morality, every individual has the freedom of thought, opinion and expression, and the right to live as they believe they should.

Right to Legal Remedies and Equality before the Law

We believe that every individual has the right to be tried before judicial authorities by taking advantage of legitimate means, and that no act or operation could be excluded from judicial control. As per the principle of equality before law, we suggest that it is necessary to abolish the legislative immunity in our constitution and laws, and enable everyone to have the right to legal remedies, and every kind of act or operation of the government must be open to judicial remedies.

The Right to Privacy and Inviolability

We believe that privacy and family life is inviolable. We consider that the right to demand respect for one’s privacy and family life is a basic human right. We believe that the inviolability of domicile is also a fundamental right and no domicile may be entered unless there is a judicial decision taken duly under the circumstances laid down by laws.

Our Party agrees that the freedom of correspondence and communication is a basic human right that cannot be impeded, and its secrecy cannot be violated, and is strongly against the arbitrariness resulting from the exercise of these rights.

Liberty of Religion and Conscience

Every individual has the right to freedom of conscience, religious belief and conviction. Our understanding of freedom of religion and conscience involves that this freedom cannot be impeded; that no one can be reproved, criticized or despised because of his/her beliefs, and worship, and the freedom of religion and conscience cannot be suppressed regardless of any reasons and cannot be restricted by unlawful means.

The Right of Education and Learning

Our Party believes that every individual has the right of education and learning and no one will be deprived of this right under any circumstances, and education and training must be conducted under the supervision and control of the state. It is fundamental that the language of education is Turkish in every level of education, and that no language other than Turkish will be taught as a mother tongue to Turkish citizens in training and education institutions.

The Right of Organizing Meetings and Demonstrations

We believe that it is a fundamental right to exercise the right to be organized, hold meetings and demonstrations in accordance with their nature, provided that they are not against the fundamental principles of the Republic, national security and public order.

Women and Children's Rights

We are against any type of physical, spiritual and judicial discrimination against women, and abuse of women. We find it necessary to protect children from any violation and abuse of their rights, including those acts of violation and abuse by their family.

Freedom of Press and Media Ethics

We believe that no restrictions and censorship should be imposed on the press, publication and other means of communication, and they should be free unless they violate the indivisible integrity of the state with its territory and nation, the fundamental principles of the Republic, and national security and public morals. Nonetheless, we find it necessary to develop and institutionalize the ethics of the press involving issues such as the right of rectification and reply, protection of people’s personal reputation and honour from attacks and unfounded allegation and avoiding false publication. Accordingly, we believe that public and professional controls must be ensured.