Basic Objectives
Ana SayfaAna Sayfa  

Basic Objectives

Our Party getting its legitimacy from our nation believes that political sphere is the main road for serving our country and nation, and making the peace, comfort and fraternity dominant in our territory and in the world within a democratic order. Our goal of "Leading Country Turkey" will be attained through coming to “Power Alone” with the support of our nation.

Under the Powerful Ruling of The Nationalist Movement Party,

To ensure the prevalence of the rule of law and justice in all areas;

To raise the democratic standards;

To protect the fundamental principles of the Republic;

To protect the indivisible integrity of the Turkish Republic with its territory and nation and to make the unitary nation-state everlasting;

To strengthen the social solidarity and fraternity by ensuring the social consensus in all areas;

To secure the fundamental human rights and liberties;

To establish a fair system for the righteous, not the powerful;

Adopting a just, principled, honest mode of rule based on transparency and creating appropriate institutions and rules of this understanding;

To establish a notion of a state that represents the national values, serves the nation, and that is powerful, just, affectionate and humanitarian;

To adopt a sense of administration based on justice, honesty, and transparency as well as principles, and in this respect to establish the necessary rules and institutions;

To ensure that the services provided by the state are accessible by all citizens and that they are provided in modern standards;

To make a sense of politics which is based on principles, honesty, ethics dominant,To establish clean politics and administration by a determined and active struggle against moral corruption, fraud and bribery;

To support the dynamism and entrepreneurship of the private sector;

To establish a powerful “production economy” based on technological development, productivity, consistent growth and employment;

To implement the economic and social policies in harmony taking into account the people on lower or fixed income;

To ensure that there is a balance between taxation of the profit and sustainability in production;

To become a self-sufficient country in agricultural sector, to produce with high technology and to enhance the income and welfare of our farmers;

To increase the investments, production and employment by supporting the small scale manufacturers;

To minimize the discrepancy among regions with regards to development;

To build a respected, powerful and leading society who has already caught up with the age in science and technology;improving working conditions for employees and developing a fair wages system;

To provide food and shelter for people who are destitute, poor and lonely, via social protection programs;

To ensure a fair and just distribution of income;

To improve the working conditions of employees and establish a fair wage system;

To ensure primary education, health and social insurance for all citizens through state;

To raise a youth who are well-educated, healthy, qualified, well-behaved with high moral quality and employability, who have absorbed the Turkish culture and values, and are equipped with challenging qualifications at universal level;

To develop projects preventing the unconscious and uncontrolled migration, and encouraging life in place;

To establish a peaceful and reliable environment by preventing all kinds of terrorism and anarchy;

To create a liveable environment by improving its conditions;

To pursue a Turkey centred and multi-faceted foreign policy, which takes the geo-strategic position of the country into account and evaluates the developments and problems in a realistic manner within the frame of a national strategy based on mutual interest;

To make Turkey a regional and global power;
are our main objectives on the way to serving the Turkish Nation.