Basic Views
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Basic Views

THE NATIONALIST MOVEMENT PARTY will pioneer to place an understanding of policy and administration giving priority to democratic political culture, consensus and liability ethics.

Our concept of nationalism inspired and shaped by history, culture, traditions and belief of Turkish Nation regards to serve Turkish People and humanity as the sole factor of its existence on the line from tradition to future.

Our party accepts “Live and Let Live” principle as spiritual basis of our national understanding and gives vital importance to institutionalism by continuously developing this principle from tradition to future. The Nationalist Movement Party interprets this principle as the one embracing all humanity, and in this context we assert that the process of globalization should have a humanistic dimension.

The Nationalist Movement Party adopts an understanding of ethics targeting to constitute love, tolerance and justice in human relations. We consider that moral principles and standards preventing the corruption in all areas must be put into practice in order to make this understanding prevalent in all parts of the society.

We suggest that overall development will be achieved in peace, comfort and welfare by developing the culture of social solidarity and consensus.

We assert that the social sphere, which represents the main sensibilities of our nation, should be gathered around the axis of common values.

We consider that it is the guarantee of our national unity and integrity to use our economic and social background for common targets through developing the unifying power of rich common values, rather than insisting on discriminatory power of some artificial differences in history, culture and beliefs.

We regard that the rule of law should involve recognizing, acknowledging, and securing the supreme value and fundamental rights of human being rather than just enacting laws to ensure the order within the democratic system. Setting out from the fact that no individual or no institution is superior to the rule of law, we consider the law as also the insurance of the main characters of the Republic.

In ruling, we accept democracy, a political regime in which the nation is best represented, as a system where the rule of law, human rights and liberties are secured, and we also believe that institutionalization of democracy is of vital importance.

We suggest that politics is a way of developing policies for ensuring peace and welfare of the nation; thus the government services should be provided in accordance with the expectations of the citizens, and the institutions and their rules should be structured accordingly.

We believe that a healthy democracy can only rise on the basis of a political culture endowed with moral values such as tolerance, honesty, consistency and sincerity, and we consider that the politics with principles, which is refined and clean, is the insurance of democracy.

We assert that the political corruption, causing the loss of public confidence in government and democracy, can be prevented through democratic participation based on national, ethical and social sensibility.

We believe that every individual has fundamental rights and freedoms, which are inviolable and inalienable; that the authority and freedom to exercise these rights is sacred, that they should be protected against any abuses; and that it is indispensable to secure and put them into action.

Our party targets to achieve the fair income distribution, keeps the national values alive, and promotes good characters such as self-sacrifice and dedication against egoism and self-indulgence; and we suggest contributing to reinforce the social peace by developing the culture of solidarity.

We consider secularism as the warrant of national unity and integrity, and the freedom of thought and faith providing that the citizens live together in peace, without ignoring their beliefs.

One of our main targets is to build a government culture of quality and achievement in the country, and to make administration methods involving a transparent, participatory, accountable, protective and coordinative understanding based on believing in people and targeting the public confidence dominant.

We argue for a competitive and fair economic policy, in which the free enterprise is important, production is promoted, and people on low or fixed-income are protected. We also emphasize that it is strategically important for Turkish entrepreneur, firms and brands to gain a global competitive power in order to have a voice in the field of world economy.

We aim to implement policies for enabling the rapid constitution of the infrastructure for the information society, the information and technological production, its use and exportation, and to develop social consciousness in this direction.

We argue for acting with the aim of prospering social, economic and political relationships based on a political equity in foreign policy, with an understanding of an effective and respectable state, through pursuing the reciprocity principle and national interests.

The Nationalist Movement Party wishes to reach its target of “Leading Country Turkey,” with the notion of uniting people by regarding them as unique and precious, and winning their love and respect; and we accept this notion as a responsibility of conscience contributing to national and world peace, and we hope to reach our target much faster by getting public approval for the common attitude to determine our idealistic goal, i.e. carrying our country to the future, and by the public approval to achieve it.