Nationalism And Democracy
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Nationalism And Democracy

The Concept of Democracy

For our party democratic regime is not only the guarantee of rule of law, human’s honor and dignity, freedom of thought, enterprise, religion and conscience but also is a life style and therefore we believe that it is essential to apply democracy with all institutions and provisions in the field of social and political relations.

It seems necessary that our constitution must be prepared in consensus as much as possible and must give place to general protective rules rather than the restrictive ones, and attach great importance to freedom.

Principle of Separation of Powers

The principle of the separation of powers is the main source of existence and insurance of the democratic constitutional state.

It is also essential to balance in the most rational way the duties and authorities of legislative, executive and judicial powers, which are three basic functions of a democratic state and to implement them in harmony.

We believe that the disputes among the powers with respect to exceeding and confrontation of authority can be overcome on the condition that each power can exercise in conformity with duties determined in the constitution.

Our Party sees that judicial independence and Constitutional jurisdiction is of vital importance to democratic regime and beyond any dispute. We believe that no organ or body could use an authority, not approved by the Constitution.

Nation and National Will

We believe that sole and exclusive owner of sovereignty is nation and legality of political powers bases on national will and sole and exclusive authority where national will appears is Turkish Grand National Assembly.

For whatever the reason might be, any external intervention in the democratic regime and the constitutional powers of the parliament is illegitimate and unacceptable.

Turkish Grand National Assembly is obliged to protect the foundation principles of the state, common values of Turkish Nation, fraternity and peace in the country, powers and prestige of parliament and political ethics.

Political Understanding

We refuse the political understanding which is in dispute with law and common values of the nation and fed from tension in conflict with common values of the Republic.

We believe in political understanding in which politics is based on morality, the culture of democratic maturity and consensus will prevail, the extreme ideas and attitudes are reduced, and the national and moral values will be regarded as a common ground.

One of the main principles of The Nationalist Movement Party is to enable any political view to be represented in a political party which has the freedom of explanation, defence and dissemination of these ideas on a democratic platform within the constitutional framework, unless it targets the indivisibility of the state with its territory and nation, and regards terrorism and violence as a political aim and means.

The Nationalist Movement Party believes that the political parties can only be purged by the will of the Turkish Nation via election, and asserts that the political parties should not be purged except for the parties regarding and supporting terrorism and violence as a political aim and means, and suggests that individual responsibility must be established instead of purging the parties.

We believe that the parliamentary immunity must be on a reasonable basis, which can be accepted by the public conscience, and that the immunity must be lifted regarding the matters except for the legislation and auditing activities within the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

We argue that regulations must be made regarding the political ethics that constitute the moral basis for the activities of a political institution and that bind the activities of a political party and its administrative staff in every level with ethical principles.

We believe that there must be a balance between the principles of justice in representation and consistency in administration in the systems of election, and that the election law must be made to involve both of them.

Protecting the dignity of the parliament depends on how the Grand National Assembly takes a stance against the matters disturbing the public conscience. We also believe that the future of a democratic regime whose greatest warrant is the virtue and morality of political institution depends on this condition.

Good Administration

It is of vital importance to provide the citizens with close, fast and efficient public services in terms of the principles of transparency, participation and accountability.

We consider a concept of good administration which involves showing the ways to claim one’s rights for getting information and taking legal actions against defective services in accordance with the human rights and the rule of law as a necessity of ruling which is close to citizens.

We believe the fact that the government should inform the public about the deeds that have not yet been achieved within the frame of accountability and about the policies which have failed to perform is crucial in terms of citizen trust in the State. It is believed that this trust can only be built through informing the public about decisions taken and implementations.

Prevalence of Ethical Rules

We believe that prevention of corruption, which becomes widespread in every field in Turkey, destroys the democratic regime as well as the community life and moral values, is crucial for democracy to function properly.

Struggling against moral breakdowns and corruptions threatening the democratic system and betraying the trust in state institutions decisively and influently is the fundamental principle of our "Clean Policy-Clean Administration" understanding. The Nationalist Movement Party regards fighting against corruption as basic purpose of its policy.

Civil Society and Participation

The Nationalist Movement Party suggests that citizens must take the responsibility of being an individual and participate in the auditing of the public institutions by means of nongovernmental organizations they take part in, in order to strengthen the civil society structure in our country.

Nongovernmental organizations will undertake active roles in community life provided that they carry out activities in line with the legal order, values, traditions, unitary structure and public order of the country.

The foundations and nongovernmental organizations will be developed and become prominent in social life, thus social needs will be better met, public inspection will be activated, and the public will be supported.

Free and Independent Media

We consider that it is the warrant of democracy to structure free and independent press to function properly in which there are no restrictions and censorship on the press and other means of communication, and the press ethics is developed by ensuring professional and public inspection.