Importance Of Social Cooperation And Consensus Culture
Ana SayfaAna Sayfa  

Importance Of Social Cooperation And Consensus Culture

A mentality transformation in every field of society must be realized so that our country should survive in global competition.

To carry out Turkey’s desire to be the leading country in the 21st century depends on having a common understanding and solidarity in all social parts around common values such as history, religion, culture and etc. and having determination and resolution to walk to future all together and providing a common harmony and understanding among institutions of state.

To build the future all together, a dialogue and solidarity structure should be created in economic, social and political fields among administrative layers, social parts, political actors and citizens. If such reconciliation culture cannot be established among abovementioned parts, it is not possible for our country to respond to the challenge of era.

A social agreement to be provided in relation with basic national and human values as well as national ideals and targets will enable Turkey to be in consensus in critical problems and ease the application of proactive plans and programs in cooperation.

The Nationalist Movement Party suggests that Turkey will go towards great objectives and mobilize all its facilities, resources and abilities in line with Leading Country Turkey target through social contract and agreement to be established in the widest sense.