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Justice System which Protects the Righteous One

We see justice as a guarantee for fundamental rights and liberties, and the basis of the state. Therefore, jurisdiction should refer to a structure that human beings may trust without hesitation and the sense of justice finds its places in minds and hearts. The establishment of “justice of opinion” by means of the competent and conscientious judges and prosecutors will be the guarantee for the trust in jurisdiction.

There must be a concept of justice where people believe and trust, rule of law and freedom of searching for right are implemented with all principles and institutions. Allowing our citizens to live in a just and fair social order, dominance of the rule of law principle, securing fundamental rights and liberties, protecting the righteous rather than the powerful by means of restraining various powers in accordance with the principles of the state of law and establishing social harmony and peace are among the fundamental duties of the state.

Policy of Justice

Taking measures to prevent the occurrence of any crime, transferring evidence and information about the case to the courts properly after the crime is committed, making arrangements regarding independent, fast and exact decisions to be made by the courts, use of information technologies that may make such process effective as well as employing well-educated judges and prosecutors create the basis of our justice policy.

Providing Effectiveness in Judicial Services

In line with the principle of “delayed justice is not justice”, we believe that a fair and fast judgment should be maintained. We also believe that judicial services should be effective in protection of public order based on human rights and in accordance with law, in activating judicial services in providing citizens’ trust in justice and eliminating the factors in state powers and functions causing burden to jurisdiction and reducing effectiveness and efficiency.

Judicial Independence

It is necessary for the true establishment of justice to implement judicial independence in such a way that no privilege will be granted to any power, authority, entity, person or pressure group whatsoever and not to exclude any person or power from the judicial control. It is essential that no power, authority, entity or person is able to order and instruct or advice and give recommendations to courts and judges in the use of judicial power.

Effectiveness in the Practice of Legal Assistance

With the purpose of ensuring full utilization of the right to legal remedies, we suggest that the practice of legal assistance should be effective.

Balance between Crime and Punishment

We consider that it is necessary to maintain a fair balance between crime and punishment by eliminating imbalances among penalties.

Prevention of Showing a Person Guilty without Final Judgment

We believe that it is necessary to prevent a person from being introduced guilty by personal statement, press and other means without any final judgment of any offence.

Reintegrating the Offender into Society to Prevent the Subsequent Offences

Eliminating the reasons bringing about offenses and the tendency to commit crime, implementing deterring legal measures and preventing any subsequent offence by the same convict by reintegrating the person into society are the requirements of our safe and peaceful society.