Struggle Against Corruption And Effective Control
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Struggle Against Corruption And Effective Control

Struggle against Corruption is Our National Political Issue

Seeing the State Administration as a trust by our nation, The Nationalist Movement Party considers its duty to avoid corruption, bribery, pillage and favoritism and sees the struggle against corruptions that destroy social life, democratic regime and moral values as the fundamental element of nationalist political understanding.

Clean Politics - Clean Administration

We believe that it is necessary to immediately establish “clean politics-clean administration” by means of a firm and effective struggle against moral degeneration and corruptions which threaten social peace and the existence of democratic system, abuse the trust in state organizations and cause social destruction.

We suggest establishing a new concept of administration which is clean, cultivated and has principles in Turkish political and bureaucratic life.

Culture of Honesty

Ethical and administrative rules of conduct encouraging honesty will be formed; and having our people acquire virtues such as honesty and responsibility will be given importance at every stage of education. By providing the support of media and nongovernmental organizations, the culture of honesty will become an essential way of life.

Independent and Effective Inspection, Institutional Organization

With the purpose of avoiding any concealment of inspection findings, results and suggestions, the activities of inspection units will be allowed to be performed within the framework of independence by giving proper assurances.

We suggest the formation of an institutional structure and establishment of an effective inspection system to generate effective and permanent policies in the struggle against corruptions, maintain cooperation among the relevant entities and prevent any corruption.

Accountability of Corruptions

With the purpose of confiscating any income legally determined to be gained by means of any corruption and depriving convicts of such income, legal regulation will be made to allow that wealth of the persons who are convicted of corruption will be confiscated, wherever and whoever such wealth is registered in regardless of prescription.

Any corruption that is made within the coordination with politics, bureaucracy, nongovernmental organizations and media and that is covered by means of an understanding of mutual protection and favoritism will be publicized and the relevant persons will be brought before the independent Turkish justice to account for such corruption.

Ethical Rules

In order to ensure prevention of corruption in any area, fundamental ethical regulations to cover public administration, civil society, media and private sector will be made. Any claim of corruption made against the Prime Minister and ministers will be also allowed to be proceeded in a legal investigation by Supreme Court of Appeals Prosecutor's Office. The scope of duties that the members of parliament cannot perform during and after their legislation duties will be determined and within this scope, effective sanctions will be introduced to avoid any follow-up works and taking any advantage. Similar arrangements will be made for senior public executives as well. Unnecessary bureaucratic formalities causing a basis for bribery and corruption will be abolished. Transparency and the responsibility of accountability will be made effective in the public administration.