Prevention Of Political Corruption And Ethical Erosion
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Prevention Of Political Corruption And Ethical Erosion

Prevention of Corruption

We believe that primarily national and spiritual values as well as social responsibilities such as universal values, awareness of citizenship, fundamental ethical norms, social quality understanding, sense of self-sacrifice and self-devotion, solidarity culture are necessarily reinforced to prevent political corruption, cultural and moral erosion.

For this aim, all parts of society will be ensured to acquire a nationalist awareness by utilizing formal and common educational tools and methods. Within this framework, the issues such as fundamental rights and freedoms, responsibilities before laws, awareness to claim legal remedies, behaviors and actions that do not give harm to society, the virtue of giving importance to the public property at least as much as the one to the personal property and human relations are required to be primarily included in the educational curricula.

Deterring Sanctions

Public officials involved in corruptions, those who deceive consumers and those who fail to pay taxes will be subjected to heavy penalties and deterrence will be ensured by means of publicly revealing such persons.

Political Ethics

It will be essential that activities and works of political parties, the members of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, high level political administrative staff will be bound to ethical principles in all aspects. Within this framework, we believe that the relevant regulations are necessary to ensure that members of parliament, mayors, chairmen and members of executive board of central, provincial and district organizations of political parties, senior public officials will publicly state declaration of property before and after they take office.

Financing Politics and Inspection of Expenses

It will be ensured that political parties’ and politicians’ sources of income and their expenses in elections will be inspected and made to be known to the public.

Abolition of Immunities and Supreme Court

Immunities of the members of parliament will be restricted to parliamentary activities; it will be adopted that the works that may not be performed by the members of parliament will be evaluated within the framework of the parliamentary activities and the honor and dignity of the Turkish Grand National Assembly; the power and duty of supreme court will be regulated primarily within the understanding of a trial by a fair, independent and specialist court.

Trial of Public Officials

We believe that the regulations that interrupt the process of trial of public officials should be abolished and that an effective judicial process should be founded.

Abuse of Public Force

Any pressure, physical coercion, violence and similar methods by public officials in their relationships with citizens and any abuse of public force will be avoided.

A Clean Concept of Administration with Principle and Dignity

The Nationalist Movement Party gives particular importance and value to the establishment of new administration concept of principle, dignity and cleanliness in Turkish political and bureaucratic life.