Financial Markets and Banking
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Financial Markets and Banking

It is necessary to have a financial system operating properly so that policies regarding sustainable growth and price stability could become effective. In this frame all components of financial system will be strengthened, and they will have a sound structure. Protection of national characteristic of financial markets will be given particular importance, especially in banking sector.

Financial System in International Standards

Legal arrangements will be performed by taking conditions of our country and international standards into consideration so that financial system could function and supervision and audition systems will be made convenient to international standards and their effectiveness will be provided.

Deposit Insurance System

In deposit insurance system; abuse of system by banks will be prevented by creating a risk based premium system in taking risks of banks into consideration and a more competitive atmosphere will be provided by making the depositors behave more selectively.

Development of Capital Markets

Our Party’s another main aim is to extend the capital to all citizens of the country. In this respect, effective measures will be taken to provide development of stock exchanges and capital markets by avoiding the impact and control of foreign investors, and markets will have a sufficient depth by developing methods which will enable small and medium domestic investor to enter into system.

Relation and cooperation will be developed with money markets, stock exchanges and commodity markets abroad.


A transparent and safe system will be created for savers and borrowers

Elements which increase the resource costs of banks will be reevaluated with the purpose of activating them in financing of reel sector, and non-compulsory resource costs will be eliminated and advantage provided in this way will be directly reflected on credit interests.

It will be ensured that public banks will render services to modernize the agriculture sector, to increase industry production, to remove the development difference among regions as well as to support small and medium enterprises, R&D and technological investments.

Arrangement of Financial Markets

A new structuring will be implemented for organizing and auditing all financial markets containing banking, capital market and other financing institutions in cooperation provided that they operate in a stable and proper way and contribute to economic growth.