Foreign Trade
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Foreign Trade

To increase our export, to provide permanence in international markets by making quality production, to ensure regional and sectorial diversification by collaborating with all countries having market size and potential are one of very important and priority factors of our export policy.

Creation of fashion and brand as well as promotional and design activities will be supported to place "Made in Turkey" image by giving particular importance to products having high value added and intensive technology in the scope of providing the sector and commodity diversification in export.

Investments to be made by Turkish entrepreneurs abroad in Turkey and other countries will be supported and required counseling services thereof will be supplied.

Necessary support will be provided for innovation, R&D and quality increasing activities for the success of Turkish companies in international competition.

Factors preventing the international competition power of Turkish industrialist in terms of transportation, energy and other input costs will be eliminated and investment-production-export chain will be established properly.

For the development of electronic commerce whose share in world trade gradually increases, required legal, administrative and technologic infrastructure will be set up.

It will be ensured that public organizations will give all kinds of support for overseas investments and relations abroad by private sector.

Production of import inputs inside the country will be promoted to decrease the import dependence of export.