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Purpose in privatization is to restrict the state interference in economic life, to increase productivity, to establish competent environment in economy, to use resources effectively by mitigating the burden on public finance, to provide employment and production increase, to develop technology transfer and capacity of export and to extend the capital to all citizens.

In privatization practices, scope and priorities will be redetermined, consensus and transparency will be ensured through support of public opinion, and creating new investment and employment opportunities after privatization, and if necessary interference and direction of public in institutions and organizations having strategic importance in terms of economic and national security will be taken into considerations as determinants.

In privatization capital will be extended to all citizens primarily through public offerings. Market regulating works will be activated to prevent the replacement of state monopoly by private sector one and competitive markets will be provided.

Transparency principle in privatization will exactly be applied and no practice disturbing the public conscious will be allowed.

To make production in accordance with international competition conditions in terms of quality and cost, to protect the rights and interests of consumer, to decrease the development differences among regions, not prevent the competition and not to create extra burden on public in companies and organizations to be privatized will be key feature of our privatization policy.

Commitments related with subjects such as investment, technology transfer and employment will be carried out in privatized organizations.