Science And Technology
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Science And Technology

The Basis of Our Science and Technology Policy

Our science and technology policies are based on giving importance to science, scientists, scientific thought, innovation, producing technology and use of technology in production, achieving industrialization through carrying the methods of production to a competitive level, and on enabling the public to move to an information society.

Emphasizing on Science and Scientists

Starting from elementary education, dominance of mind and science on education will be established, teachers and students will adopt a questioning and searching perspective.

More Resources for Scientific Researches

Development and application of R&D technologies by universities, research institutes and private sector on advanced technology will be promoted, funding for scientific research will be increased and national and international funds will be used for that purpose.

Universities will be transformed into centers producing information and technology, university-industry cooperation will be developed by supporting techno-cities and technological free zones which are important tools for advancements in science and technology, private sector will have access to R&D capacities of universities.

National Innovation System

A "National Innovation System" will be established in order to provide the transformation of scientific and technological researches into production and the social benefits through innovations and patents to be given, and within this framework, R&D studies necessary for technological innovations and renewal of technological products will be supported.

We see it necessary to activate the system of intellectual property rights for the purposes of protecting the rights of patents, trademark, industrial design and copyright laws, to set up technological transfer centers for supplying the transfer of R&D results to industry and production, and to have the private sector investments on R&D and technology productions supported.

Turkey as an Attraction Center for Science

Setting out from the fact that trained manpower is one of the most important factors on economic and social development, we see building all infrastructures necessary to make Turkey an attracting center for scientific community. In this sense, research manpower will be developed in quality and quantity and technical, administrative, financial opportunities for developing advanced research and development studies will be improved in order to make it attractive for Turkish and foreign researchers who are specialists in their fields of study.

Supporting Strategic Technologies

Priority and importance will be given to R&D activities in strategic technologies of our age such as information producing technologies, biotechnology and gene technologies, nanotechnology, mechatronics, production process and technologies, material technologies, energy technologies and design technologies, and to transforming R&D results to production.

National Information System

Infrastructure for national information network for accessing to information, which is the cornerstone of the information society, from work, school and homes, will be built, and our country will be made one of the leading countries in software field by encouraging computer hardware and software activities.

Scientific and Technological Cooperation

Scientific and technological cooperation on international level, particularly with Turkic Republics, will be developed by common scientific and technological research and development centers.

We see having a relationship and developing cooperation with countries that have the capability to produce advanced technology important for following universal developments on science and technology and technology transfer.

Supporting Researches on Social Sciences

We will support research activities on economy, law, history, archeology, sociology and theology and have a better understanding of the age and social developments by determining the values and treasures of our nation, and the opportunity, threat and dangers of the past, present and future of our country.