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Creating an industry that defends consumer health and opinions, has production in accordance with environmental norms, mobilizes local resources, creates qualified employment, uses and produces advanced technology, and competes in international markets by creating unique designs and brands is our primary goal.

Emphasis will be put on production of the items with high value added sectors with high growth, employment and exporting capacities.

Our country will be made regional and global production centers for sectors with medium and high level production technologies.

There will be development in the industries of defense and aviation, machinery manufacturing, chemistry, electronics and software sector developed, and space opportunities will be used in the fields of defense and security.

Defense industry, which has a great importance in both security and economy of our country, will have a structure that can develop technologies and integrate with other industries.

Emphasis will be put on new product development in high priority fields that will create high value added based on electronics industry and the software sector’s development and information. The transfer, production and use of information technologies based on micro-electronics will be given significance.