Energy And Natural Resources
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Energy And Natural Resources

Energy Policy

The main goal of our energy policy is, by decreasing dependency on external sources for energy, to create safe energy sources, to use domestic energy sources efficiently, to have the capability of producing new energy technologies mainly nuclear one, to create variety and safety in energy, to prevent risks that may create lack of energy and to raise the built energy power of our country so as to meet its energy demand.

Sufficient and Continuous Energy

Providing a sustainable growth by creating, in meeting the energy demand of our country, source variety, a non-stop supply that has low cost, is safe and sensitive to the environment and creating a sustainable growth is essential. In this respect, public energy investments will continue in a planned and stable manner and domestic and foreign investments on this field will be encouraged.

A center for oil and natural gas investigations, drilling, transportation, processing and marketing activities and competing in international markets will be built.

Private and public activities on the energy sector will be organized and supported, consumer rights will be protected, competition will be created, a market that is healthy and working effectively will be established.

The possibilities of the private sector will be made use of in all stages from production of energy resources to consumption.

Supply will be secured by having variety on resources and countries in international agreements to be made and in energy planning.

Biofuel consumption will be emphasized on in order to reduce the dependence of our country on external sources for energy and at the same time to use current agricultural potential effectively and within this framework, investments on energy farming will be supported.

Energy from New and Renewable Resources

Investments foreseeing the assessment of new and renewable energy resources and water potential as well as benefitting from alternative energy resources and research and development works in this field will be promoted in order to meet the energy requirement.

Our priority purpose is to have nuclear energy production technology and for that purpose nuclear power stations will be established to provide the security of energy supply. On the other hand it will be ensured that our country will have sensible nuclear technology covering the advanced technologies to be used in every phase of science and technology.

Hydroelectric energy production will be increased by using the water potential, which is one of clean energy resources, at highest level.

Development of new technologies will be given great importance in petroleum exploration and drilling activities.

Turkey will not only be a country enabling the transit pass of energy among countries producing and consuming energy but also it will be maintained that Turkey will be one of important actors of market by having production infrastructure for value - added energy products.

Consumer Awareness in Energy Conservation

Increase in productivity in energy use will be provided by means of preventing illegal use, improving transmission and distribution lines as well as developing advanced technologies in consumption and in this way consumption awareness will be created.


Making investments of private sector abroad and in particular in Turkic Republics will be supported in order to explore new reserves in addition to our known mineral reserves and to provide the raw material demands of industry and energy sectors cheaply and safely and to increase our worked mine export and to ensure the security of supply related with mines for which import is compulsory. Continuity and security of supply will be provided in supplying the mine and industrial raw material which national economy need.

It will be ensured that precious metals such as gold, thorium and boron will be transformed into new products creating value - added by using high advanced technology instead they are sold as raw metal. For that purpose further resource will be allocated for R&D activities.

Resource allocated for exploring works will be increased and required measures will be taken so that private sector could join the exploring activities. Technology transfer for exploring and operating activities will be given great importance.

A new structuring will be established to plan, direct and support the economic activities and to produce knowledge and data in this sector, and black economy within activities performed without benefitting from mining techniques and making financial audit will be prevented in order to keep production costs low. An effective coordination and inspection will be set up in subjects such as exploring, licensing, production, investment and incentive related with mining.


Our water policies are based on an effective assessment principle of potable water, geothermal water, rain water, sea water as well as all existing underground and above ground water resources by considering with an integrated approach which includes development of water resources, conduct the water services and use of water.

It is a basic policy for us to protect the water beginning from spring, not to contaminate it, to accommodate dams in harmony with environment, to protect the dam lakes from urban waste and results of erosion, to supply the healthy potable water and utility water in international standards.

Planning, administering, developing and operating all our water resources by taking our national priorities into consideration as well as following, evaluating and coordinating of national and international policies regarding water with an integrated approach will be fulfilled.

In water management it is an essential principle for us to consider the international policies in the light of our national interests and social realities and to implement a sustainable water policy.