Transportation And Communication
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Transportation And Communication

Fast, Reliable and Cheap Transportation System

The basis of our transportation policy involves establishing a common system, which is fast, safe, and cheap and has technological modernity, enables competition, directs the industry, protects national interests, promotes economic and social development, raises the welfare level of the citizens, satisfies the users, and integrates with the international transport corridors.

Standards will be raised in highways and railways and share of railway and sea transport in freight shipment and passengers transport will be increased.

The Extension and Technological Innovation of Railways

It will be ensured that railway system will have a new business administration mentality complying with market conditions as well as producing an effective and economic service and will be integrated with other transportation modes by means of extending railway network as well as developing technology used.

Strengthening of Sea Transportation

It will be maintained that investments related with the increase in capacity and effectiveness of marine transportation fleet will be encouraged and that fleet will take more share from sea transportation by means of using national flagged ships in foreign trade transportation.

The port infrastructures in transportation system, and terminal facilities and deficiencies in main arterial connections will be eliminated. An effective arrangement and control system will be established by taking geographical monopoly state of ports into consideration.

Development of Civil Aviation

It will be maintained that airway transportation will render services in accordance with international standards and measures reducing the cost will be taken to develop the regional air passenger transportation and airlines companies will be directed to create fleet capacity complying with small airport traffic and passenger profile. Moreover airway cargo transport will be promoted and developed.

Logistics Center

It will be provided that our country which is situated in international transportation and energy corridors will be ‘’ regional logistics central base ‘’ by developing its logistics and transport infrastructure.

Transmission and Communication Infrastructure

Production of computer hardware and software by technologies providing fast data and sound transmission will be promoted, and also domestic participation and intellectual property rate in information technologies especially electronic communication technologies developing rapidly and creating high value added in electronic sector will be increased and the fields whose infrastructures are ready will be allocated for companies operating in this sector by growing trained labor force.