Agriculture And Rural Development
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Agriculture And Rural Development

Agricultural Policy

It is a basic principle for us to transform the agriculture sector to a structure producing quality product with high productivity and using new technology and feeding people of the country and having high export capacity and providing a sustainable contribution to development. Agriculture sector will have an integrated structure together with production, management and marketing dimensions. Producer organizations will be strengthened, competition power of agricultural enterprises will be increased and marketing networks will be developed.

Subsidies to be provided for farmers will be structured with a mentality paying attention to supply and demand of the product and overcoming the poverty of producer and providing welfare increase and reducing the input costs and taking balance between production cost and product price into consideration and protecting it against disaster.

Development and production of seed and seedling as well as breeding in high productivity and quality complying with conditions of our country will be supported and dependence on foreign sources in these fields will be ended.

In addition to biological combat against pests, alternative struggle ways will be given priority, and production of ecological products will be supported by taking into accounts agricultural combat, modern plant protection and food security.

Agriculture Provinces

Agriculture provinces which are a rural attraction center and where agriculture-industry integration is provided will be established to direct the investment and technology to rural fields by creating a basic agricultural structuring based on diversification of agricultural products, increasing productivity and quality, obtaining value added by performing in-situ processing method, increasing employment and marketing as a brand.

"Raising Farmers’ Awareness

Contamination of water and soil and misuse and fragmentation of agricultural lands will be prevented. Awareness will be raised amongst farmers with regards to the use of fertilizers, agricultural pesticides, and water resources effectively.

Food Safety

Food safety and reliability in our country will be in compliance with the modern norms. Consumers will be protected and awareness will be raised.

Derivatives Exchange and Product Insurance

Derivatives exchange will be activated as an important means to ensure price consistency in agricultural products. Product Exchanges will be developed. Use of licensed warehouses will be widespread. Product insurance system and contract farming will be introduced for protecting our farmers and products against risks.

Organic Agriculture

Organic crop production activities will be widespread throughout the country.

Development of Husbandry

Husbandry will be supported in order to ensure our society to keep a balanced, healthy and sufficient diet with animal proteins. Animal breeding and production of quality feed and forage plants will be increased. There will an efficient combat against animal diseases and harmful insects. Animal products industry will be widespread throughout the country.

Structural Adjustments

A structure will be established to support the agricultural sector in real terms, by ensuring that state-owned enterprises, agricultural sales cooperatives and banks operating in agricultural sector work rationally. Research, development and control activities will be conducted with the cooperation of agricultural research institutes and universities, and agricultural products with high added value will be achieved.

Protection and Development of Forests

Forests will be managed, protected and developed, considering the matters of benefiting from forests comprehensively, permanence, participation, biological diversity, specialization, and protection of water, wild life and eco-system.

It will be fundamental to generalize forest development, maintenance and protection services, prevention forest fires and development of exact solutions to extinguish them. The conditions for inhabitants of forest villages will be improved. Property disputes will be solved by integrating forest cadastre and general cadastre. In order to promote forestry, private forestry will be developed by allocating free lands under certain conditions and periods to inhabitants of forest villages or to demanding individuals or legal entities.