Regional Development
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Regional Development

Purpose of Regional Development

Our regional goal of development is to realize a model of development in which justice and compassion of the state is felt by all citizens throughout the country, no one is left hungry or homeless, peace and safety is ensured, all facilities of civilization are provided, and all citizens benefit from them.

We suggest raising the welfare level of our people living in underdeveloped areas and to remove the interregional development differences by stimulating the potential of our country.

In this context, there will be regional plans and urban development plans throughout the country for the purposes of identifying the characteristics, differences, development levels, main problems and potentials of regions, cities and districts. Furthermore, target sectors will be determined for cities and districts.

Within the framework of the criteria specified at the district level at first and then city and regional levels, all public agencies and institutions will constitute a database regarding their field of work and connect to the centre via network.

The villages prone to development will be identified and the infrastructure will be completed. These villages will be transformed into attraction centre for people dwelling in small and scattered settlements.

Contribution and Participation of Nongovernmental Organizations and Universities

It will be maintained that relevant state institutions and organizations, universities, chambers of industry and trade, professional organizations and nongovernmental organizations will collaborate in coordination with governorships in order to carry out the regional development by means of strengthening private sector, developing the entrepreneurship and competitive spirit, implementing regional and macro politics in harmony.

Prevention of Unconscious Migration

Medium-sized provinces having potential in the field of industry and services will be determined and infrastructure requirements of these centers will quickly be met and proper investment atmosphere will be created for private sector. Migration from rural areas to big cities will be directed to these centers and accordingly employment in place will be provided.

University-entrepreneur Cooperation

In particular universities located at underdeveloped regions will undertake specific tasks and obligations related with economic and social developments of these regions. An effective cooperation will be established and maintained between university and entrepreneurs.

Sectorial Attractive Centers

Sectorial map of our country’s facility and potential will be prepared and investment incentives will be granted thematically to the units determined at local level according to objective criteria and specific regions will be a “sectorial attractive center.“