Tradesmen And Craftsmen
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Tradesmen And Craftsmen

Supporting of Tradesmen and Craftsmen

Our policy related to tradesmen and craftsmen is based on upgrading the general level of education and skills of the labour force, encouraging research and development activities, boosting the level of technology and product quality, increasing the productivity, facilitating the access to knowledge, providing guidance and counselling services, combining the main and sub-industries, and developing the cooperation among businesses and improving electronic trading opportunities.

Activities by tradesmen and craftsmen will be supported for preventing monopoly by establishing competition in economy, generating employment, eliminating income inequalities, gaining new entrepreneurs into the economy, maintaining social peace, eliminating discrepancies among regions, and activating local potentials. Resources to be allocated to tradesmen and craftsmen and small industrialists will be increased.

SMEs: Basic Dynamics of Economy,

SMEs complying with changes and development, having high entrepreneurship capacity and international competition power, professionally adopting the institutional management mentality will constitute the basic dynamics of Turkish economy.

SMEs based on knowledge and technology will be supported to produce goods and services with high added value, and encouraged to make R&D investments and employ researchers.

Banking sector will be supported to supply financial resources to the real sector.

Developing Enterprises Market established for SMEs will work effectively and the resources for the Credit Guarantee Fund system will be increased. Furthermore, the Credit Guarantee Fund and risk capital system will be activated and bond problem of SMEs will be resolved.

SMEs Associations

Matters such as infrastructure, transportation, communications, health, education, storage and marketing will be organized with a modern understanding, considering environmental effects and hygienic conditions.

Guiding and encouraging measures will be taken to organize SMEs as associations and to develop their domestic and foreign markets.

Supporting Small Entrepreneurship

Income-generating projects will be supported by diversifying economic activities for poor and disadvantaged areas, finance, counseling and marketing support will also be provided for the entrepreneurs who will set up their own businesses.