Struggle Against Unemployment
Ana SayfaAna Sayfa  

Struggle Against Unemployment

Production Economy: the Basis of Struggle against Unemployment

Basis of struggle against unemployment is to carry out an employment – oriented sustainable growth, to raise employability level and to establish the entrepreneur-focused market.

With the implementation of the National Economy Program based on full employment in which Turkey’s all production factors will be included in the production process at utmost level effectively and efficiently, there will be a shift from rent-based income economy to production economy suggesting investment, production, and employment.

Proper investment environment will be created for private sector to take long term decisions, small and medium size enterprises will be supported, and investments to be made by foreign direct capital with the purpose of creating value added and employment will be promoted.

Employment-Focused Growth and Promotion of Employment

Entrepreneurship creating high value added and operating according to productivity principle will be strengthened by improving business and investment environment. Number and time of bureaucratic transactions related to investment and employment will be decreased.

“Employment-focused” incentive policy will be performed to promote the employment of long term unemployed, youth, women and disadvantaged groups. Young population of university and vocational training graduates wishing to set up their own business will be supported.

Tax, social security contribution and similar matters increasing employment costs will be mitigated.

Unfair competition will be prevented by recording informal economy and unregistered employment and ‘’ decent works ‘’ will be created.

Turkish entrepreneurship producing branded, quality and technological goods and services and having competition power in global level will be the locomotive of employment-focused growth strategy.

Guaranteed Flexible Work

Flexible employment types and working hours will be ensured without ignoring security in labor force market.

Increasing Employability

Employability level of human capital and labor force will be developed by raising average education level of society and bringing skills to individuals.

Vocational training programs will be applied to support the participation of handicapped, the poor, long term unemployed, the youth and women in labor force market and to bring vocational skills to them so that they could find job.

In line with requirement analysis of labor force market, entrepreneurship training, employment-guaranteed programs, vocational counseling, guidance services, training seminars in business organizations and active labor force programs such as labor force and vocational training courses will be activated and extended.

Program integrity between vocational training and higher education will be established and also it will be ensured that enterprises and professional organizations will undertake active roles in this process by giving priority to applied vocational training.

Employment Priority of Martyrs’ and War Veterans’ Children

In the event that martyrs’ and war veterans’ children wish to practice the professions of their parents, those having necessary conditions will directly be appointed to these professions without examination.