Education and Development of Human Resources
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Education and Development of Human Resources

Democratic and Virtuous Generations

The main purpose of our education policy is to raise generations who have proud and consciousness of belonging to Turkish Nation and internalize and digest spiritual and cultural values, whose thinking, perception and problem solving ability are developed and who are open to new developments, whose sense of responsibility and social sensitivity are high, who are inclined to science and technology production as well as democrat, intelligent and religious.

Equal opportunities will be provided in training and education and all individuals of society will be trained in line with their interests, tendencies and abilities.

Turkish as Training and Education Language

Education language is Turkish at every stage of education. No other language can be instructed and taught in training and education institutions as mother tongue to Turkish citizens. It will be given particular importance that Turkish will be taught best in training and education institutions to ensure the right and good usage of Turkish and necessary infrastructure will be established to teach at least one foreign language to students.

Modern Education System

Education system will be restructured to grow the manpower which are equipped with knowledge and skill and have international competition ability and whose technology culture is developed as required by information society. Within this framework places for educations, education technologies and manpower possibilities will be raised to standards as required by information society in terms of quantity and quality. Curriculum will be planned and applied in accordance with requirements of the nation as well as the age in every stage of education.

Extension of Education Period

Our “Basic Education” goal is to increase the compulsory basic education period by extending the preschool education, to include secondary education in compulsory education by creating required physical infrastructure and manpower and to direct the students to fields in accordance with their abilities by fulfilling proper direction.

Vocational Education

Formal and non-formal education and skill getting education will be given particular importance and education programs will be rearranged by taking vocational standards into consideration.

Share of vocational education increasing employability within secondary education will be raised. Program integrity will be ensured between vocational and technical secondary education institutions and vocational highs schools. Relation, communication and interaction between business life and vocational and technical education will be developed.

Higher Education

Our universities will be transformed to institutions that grow man power needed by our country and that produce science and technology and lead social development and introduce solutions for problems through scientific methods and compete with world universities.

Higher education system will be transformed to more democratic and productive structure and necessary coordination and harmony will be maintained among students, institutions and academic staff.

Secondary education will have a structure basing on program type, enabling to lateral and vertical transfer and providing an effective transfer to university system through modern guidance and direction service.

Life-long Learning

In life-long learning mentality, any non-formal education facilities, including e-education, will be developed and skill getting activities and vocational courses for the young will be extended.

Educational Human Resource

Teachers and academic members equipped with contemporary knowledge will be prepared and these professions will be made attractive in terms of working conditions and personal and social rights.

Education for Martyrs’ and War Veterans’ Children

Education expenses of children of martyrs and veterans at every stage of education will be covered by the state and particular quota for higher education will be allocated for them.

Education of Turkish Children Abroad

Education opportunities which are given to Turkish children abroad to protect and develop their cultural identities will be increased.