Culture and Art
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Culture and Art

Turkish as International Communicative Language

One of basic factors which makes a nation a nation is language. It is very important for our party to use Turkish language properly and correctly as we accept it an indispensable element of our national identity. Studies regarding Turkish language will be given particular importance and studies will be carried out to use Turkish as the language of science, art, trade and tele-communication in international level.

Relations with Turkish states and communities will be based on principle of "Unity in language, idea and work". Linguistic and cultural studies about the countries and communities where Turkish is spoken will be given particular importance as primary factor of economic and cultural cooperation and conditions will be created to make Turkish understandable and usable with all dialects.

Protection, Development and Introduction of National Culture

Studies will be carried out especially to protect the new generations against cultural shock or identity crisis, to create quality works to meet the need, and to provide the introduction of national cultural values to people and to make them adopt these values.

National Culture Industry will be established with the aim of introducing and developing Turkish culture and art and making it more alive and popular.

Applications which upset our national values, causing cultural values disturbance, violating national agreements related to our cultural life and creating an indifference and hostility will be prevented.

It will be ensured that Turkish culture will be an attraction centre for neighbouring cultures by developing international cultural programs of cooperation.

Giving Importance to Art and Artist

Art and artists must be at peace with national values and have an understanding adopting these values and direct the society to gather around common values.

Our arts and crafts will be protected, social and economic benefit will be ensured and our cultural values will be reflected to produced goods and services. In this way cultural values beginning to be forgotten will be kept alive and transferred properly to new generations.

Traditional Turkish arts and folklore will be protected, developed and introduced. Maintenance, repair and protection of heirlooms as well as protection and development of Turkish architecture, music, theatre, cinema and literature will be a state policy.

Reintroduction of Our Historical Artifacts to Society

Disappearing of scripts which are basic works of our national culture in every field for centuries will be prevented and these works will be reintroduced to our society in modern written and spoken language.

Our Citizens Abroad

Required measures will be taken to protect our citizens abroad not to disassociate from our national values and a good care will be shown to keep them away from conflicting with the society they live in.

Mass Communication and Cultural Organizations

It will be maintained that mass communication broadcasts within a social responsibility to keep our cultural values alive.

With the purpose of keeping our cultural values alive, cultural centers, scientific research institutions and museums will be extended and access to these units will be facilitated and the young will enter museums freely.

Turkish foundation works will be revealed, protected and kept alive and also foundations will be supported by the state and they will be made function in accordance with their actual purpose.