Family, Women and Children
Ana SayfaAna Sayfa  

Family, Women and Children

Family institution is of vital importance to protect national and spiritual values, to make them live, to transfer them to future generations and to reinforce the national integrity and solidarity.

Family, as the main pillar of Turkish society, will be protected against negative consequences brought about by economic and social developments.

Policies will be developed in order to strengthen the family institution and to protect loyalty among family members and family integrity. Factors weakening the family and its social functions will be eliminated.

Each family will have a sufficient and regular income by developing employment facilities.


Women’s education level will be raised and it will be ensured that women will take further role in business life and decision making mechanisms and accordingly their social positions will be strengthened.

The employability of women will be developed so that they will not get into a disadvantageous position in labor market.

It will be ensured that unemployed housewives will contribute to family budget and country economy by being equipped with vocational skills.

Cultural, social, psychological and economic reasons exposing violence to women will be removed and it will be provided that nongovernmental organizations and media will act responsibly in this subject.

Any outdated practices tarnishing woman’s prestige, restricting their fundamental rights and freedoms and causing falling behind the society by inducing their exploitation will be ended.


Children’s life quality will be improved and their future will be guaranteed and their sense of responsibilities to their families, society and country will be developed, and also their tendency to crime and drug addiction will be prevented.

Children in need of protection will be protected and grown near their families and in addition custodial parents system will be encouraged.

Children will be protected against all kinds of written, visual and internet publications containing violence, sexuality and abuse, and stimulating drug addiction and smoking.

Child labor and all kinds of child abuses will be prevented.