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Our basic target is to establish a health system developing the quality of life and joy of living, increasing life-span, providing the satisfaction of citizens and suppliers and making life meaningful and valuable.

Free Health Service

Preventive and basic health services will be provided by the state in accordance with the principles of equality and justice, and these services will easily be accessible, usable and respecting patient rights.

Primary healthcare units will be strengthened and “family health care” application will be extended.

Full-Time and Full-Capacity

Technological infrastructure, man power facilities and management capacity of hospitals will be developed. Full-time and full –capacity system will be provided in order to better use of sickbeds equipment and man power capacity of hospitals.

Promotion of Private Health Institutions

Private health institutions will be promoted and health free zones will be established to develop the health tourism.

Health Insurance

Health insurance will be extended to all population and all citizens will have the right to choose hospital and physician.

Support for Medicine, Vaccine and Medical Device Production

Production of medicine, vaccine and medical devices in Turkey and R-D activities in this respect will be encouraged.