Work Life and Social Security
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Work Life and Social Security

Sustainable Social Security System in Contemporary Norms

Sustainable social security system in contemporary norms covering all population and operating on the basis of gain and loss will be established so that all citizens could be sure about their future and spend life in high standards.

Social insurance system will have a structure which is “applicable” in terms of legal dimension and is “sustainable” in terms of finance and is “acceptable” by related parties.

Information technologies infrastructure of social security system will be strengthened and a structure preventing the loss of right as well as repeating use and presenting sufficient, accessible and sustainable service will be created.

Social insurance programs will be managed in the scope of actuarial balance and in an effective and autonomous structure and fund management will be activated to provide the sustainability of system.

Prevention of Working without Insurance

Non–covered employment will be prevented and thus number of actively insured employees will be increased, and in this way both sustainability of system is provided and sacrifice of the insured is impeded.

Registering will be promoted through measures to be taken with respect to legislation, cost, audit deficiency and bureaucracy causing unregistered labor force employment.

Union Rights and Multi Counseling Mechanism

Labor act will be prepared to protect rights of worker and employer in harmony. Union rights will be fitting to contemporary norms.

Multi counseling mechanisms in business life will be strengthened to solve problems and to make peace in business life and active participation of parties will be provided.

A wage system which removes wage inequality among employees and is based on qualification and success will be established.

Citizens Abroad

All attempts will be made in compliance with international law and relations to protect the rights of our citizens abroad and to solve their problems and difficulties in countries where they live.