Elderly And Pensioners
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Elderly And Pensioners

Survival of the State Depends on the Survival of the People

Our Party believes that the state will survive as long as the people survive, that the worth of the countries will increase together with the high esteem they hold in their people, and that it must be ensured that the elderly and pensioners have honourable lives in order to look at the future with confidence, and thus, no elderly will be left without food and shelter and in destitution, and they will not be left alone and isolated from the society.

Our aging policy is not only for the elderly people but it will be extensive to cover the period of youth and active working that prepare the conditions for the old age. The way to gain economic independence in the old age depends on how much a person is prepared before the old age. Consequently, everybody will be employed in proper and permanent jobs and their rights will be protected during employment.

Patient, handicapped and poor old persons will be protected and social policies will be applied to increase their joy of living and protect their life quality. Exploitation and negligence of old persons will be not given chance.

Health, Care and Help Services in Modern Standards

Solutions will be created for diseases and nursing indigence that lower the quality of life in old age, health services will be available to the elderly, it will be made sure that the standards of elderly health services are raised and people can benefit from such services effectively. In addition to health services, care and help services in modern standards for daily life will be provided.

The increase in poverty among the elderly will be prevented and social support payments will be increased in order to lower the current poverty. Social support payments will not be considered as alms, but a social right and only eligible elderly receive it.

Social Care Support

“Social care support” payments will be granted to the families in need to protect their elderly members and to meet their necessary physical, economic and social needs taking into account the idea that elderly people should live in a family environment.

Presenting the Experiences of the Elderly to Society

There will be necessary atmosphere for elderly people to present their knowledge, experiences and skills to society and to convey them to the youth, and the social environment will be prepared for them to be integrated with the rest of the society, participate in cultural and sports activities and make use of their leisure time.


The increase in pensions will be adjusted in accordance with a special index taking account the consumption patterns and life standards of pensioners, rather than a general inflation index. Furthermore, the increase in welfare stemming from the economic growth will be reflected on the pensions.

Representation of Pensioners

The pensioners will also be represented in collective negotiations about the increases of wages.