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Environmental Right and the Basis of Our Environment Policy

The right to live in a clean and healthy environment is one of the fundamental rights of every individual.

To leave a clean, habitable environment with its protected natural and cultural values to future generations by overcoming the environmental problems with a sustainable development model envisaging rational conservation, use and development instead of development -environmental protection dilemma constitutes the basis of environmental policy.

Protection of Natural, Historical and Cultural Values

Environment issue will be handled with a perspective which is based on science and intelligence not conflicting with our history, culture, faith and national benefits in order to prevent the pollution, destruction and disappearance of natural, historical and cultural values.

There will be a harmony between economic, social policies, and environmental one; and human health, ecological balance, cultural, historical and aesthetic values will be preserved while fulfilling development.

Environmental Sensitivity

The environmental sensitivity will be improved in order to strengthen the understanding of conservation of our natural richness as a society and for this purpose media will be encouraged and training curriculum will be enriched.

Environmental sensitivity will be given particular importance during the selection of lands of investment projects; the use of eco-friendly technology in the investments will be encouraged.

Integrated Environmental Policies

The coastal area planning and management handling the areas around coastal, marine, river, lake, artificial lake and other wetlands and entire eco-systems with integrity will be applied; and integrated environment policies considering the water, the air, the earth and the sea together will be developed. Productive agricultural lands will be protected; land abuse and erosion will be prevented.

Biological Diversity

The biological diversity and genetic resources in our country will be researched and preserved, and given an economic value. Agriculture, environment and technology policies will be handled jointly in order to minimize the risks regarding biosafety and genetically modified organisms.