Establishment Of Public Order Andthe Fight Against Terrorism
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Establishment Of Public Order Andthe Fight Against Terrorism

Public Order

Our understanding of the public order and security involves establishing an environment in which the peace and safety is ensured within the society, the public authority is felt in every corner of the country without discrimination among people, the state can use its authority given by laws in a caring and compassionate manner, and the citizens will feel safe in every aspect of life.

Preventive law enforcement services will be focused on. The factors preparing ground for disorder will be eliminated. Methods will be developed regarding the efficient assistance obtained by the public opinion in order to prevent crime, and we aim to raise awareness among the citizens about the necessary measures.

Therewill be an efficient coordination among the units in institutional structuring, intelligence activities, information flow and fight against crime.

Necessary regulations will be made to ensure that the security units are equipped with relevant legal, administrative and technical skills, and human resources to fight against any asymmetric threat concerning our social peace and national safety.

The children committing crime or prone to crime will be trained in cooperation with their families, if any, and provided with jobs. Furthermore, the children having no families will be reintegrated into the society through putting them under protection and rehabilitation.


In order to prevent the traffic terror that results in great material losses and deaths; bringing highways to international standards, increasing activity that aims prevention of driver faults, having effective traffic monitoring and penalties and developing an auto control system will be provided.

Fighting against Terror

For whatever philosophy or cause, any vision that sees terror and violence as a method and validates it in order to reach its goal, is seen by us as a threat to the existence of Turkish Republic, our people’s peace and safety, and humanity. Right and wrong, guilty and innocent will be determined during the fight against terror and our struggle will continue decisively with the methods of a constitutional state.

Psychological and sociological reasons for terrorist movements, which are the biggest obstacles to Turkey’s economic and democratic development, will correctly be identified and fight against terror will proceed accordingly.

An effective campaign with defense forces of the nation in order to eradicate terror will start throughout the country on legal grounds. Technological potential will be fully used for the fight against terror and intelligence network will be strengthened.

In addition to the actions carried out by the security forces, the fight against terrorism will be managed through eradicating relevant economic, social, psychological, administrative, demographic and cultural determinants supporting the terror. For this purpose, a comprehensive economic and social development program will start with necessary financial support and resources.

Fighting against Factors that Support Terrorism

Ideas that praise terror and terrorists, show terrorists as representatives of the citizens, deliver the demands of terrorists as demands of the citizens, threaten the indispensable integrity of the nation with its country and citizens, practice political separatism, make ethnic and religious provocation for creating an artificial basis for terror will be evaluated as actions that support terror.

Prevention of International Support for Terror

Effective measures will be taken against political, logistical and financial supports in respect of the international dimension of terror.

Security of Turkey will not be left to permission and initiative of third parties, necessary economic, political and military measures will be taken decisively.

All resources will be used in order to create an effective deterrence against factors seeing terror card as a method of threatening against Turkey, and making provocations which target our national unity.