Homeland Security And National Defense
Ana SayfaAna Sayfa  

Homeland Security And National Defense

A Strong and Deterring Army

Geostrategic location of Turkey, its obligations arising from its historical and cultural heritage, the role it undertakes for ensuring regional and world peace make establishing and maintaining a strong and deterring defense system necessary.

The Turkish Armed Forces will become one of the strongest armies in the world with regards to human resources specialized in using weapons, equipment and high technology in order to enable them fulfilling their duties successfully in accordance with the modern conditions, and to increase their mobility.

Domestic Armament Industry

Necessary incentives will be provided in order to create an independent and domestic armament industry with high exporting capacity by lowering Turkish Armed Forces’ weapon and equipment dependency outside, and to encourage domestic investors invest on the production of weapons and military equipment.

Defense Industry Technologies

Manufacturing the defense industry technologies such as military software, material technologies, electronic warfare, aeronautics, space and satellite technologies, web based warfare, unmanned combat air vehicles, guidance and control technologies and related R&D studies will be supported. A particular emphasis will be given to aeronautics and space technologies, and satellite technologies will be promoted in order to benefit from the space facilities for defense and security.

Respectability of Turkish Armed Forces

Respectability of the Turkish Army, with its long history of two thousand years, will not be allowed to be tarnished by random daily polemics in domestic and foreign public opinion.