Enlightening The Public
Ana SayfaAna Sayfa  

Enlightening The Public

Our Policy for Enlightening the Public

“Correct information”, “objective news” have become one of the most precious values demanded nowadays, where the communication technologies are rapidly developed. In such an environment, where every kind of information pollution and information abuse become widespread, and information safety can easily be violated, we consider that it is necessary to enlighten the public and provide them with correct information as a requirement of our notion of honest and ethical politics.

In this context, our enlightenment policy is based on the idea that the correct information must be given to the nation without trying to direct and abuse the public opinion, and by leaving the perception of the events to the public.

We will give particular importance and priority to face to face communication besides the use of all kinds of accessible and rapid communication tools in order to declare our party's opinions, ideas and activities on various issues and to ensure informing our people reliably by our Turkey-based interpretation of the events that occur in our country and around the world.

Correct Information

We will prevent the misuse of concepts such as democracy, human rights and rule of law in order to exploit our national and spiritual values for schemes that are not for the benefit of our state and people. Our party will lead the way for our citizens by sharing the true information anytime, anywhere and with anyone for the happiness and welfare of our people and for the good of the state and nation.

By doing this, we believe that we will fulfill our desire to inform public about the facts of Turkey and the world as well as our party in the most correct manner.