Toward The Future
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Toward The Future

The Nationalist Movement Party, which has engaged in politics in the last forty years with the principle of “first my country and nation then my party” and with an understanding of responsibility culture will mark the next forty years of Turkey with the same understanding, perseverance and determination with the support of the nation. The existence of our party in politics will be the guarantee of the prestige of the politics, just as it has contributed in raising democratic standards and creating negotiation culture before.

Our party has made some future predictions by analyzing and interpreting 21st century facts of Turkey and world dynamics in Turkish with a comprehensive vision. The prediction of Turkey as a super power and leading country is the expression of an insight that is based on the history and cultural facts of Turkish Nation and that embraces the future.

Nationalist Movement has adopted the concept of creating a new Turkey based civilization and world as its political mission. This mission, as carrying Turkey to the position of leading country, will also shed a light for all weak nations, especially those in Eurasia geography, to live free and in an honorable manner. The condition to do so is to relieve Turkey from the feeling of submission and to turn its face to the values that represent the core of the Turkish nation.

Our understanding of nationalism envisions democratization of the political system, representation of common values in politics and making the culture of brotherhood dominant. This vision is the result of an approach that is based on complete trust in our people.

A strong Turkey, that lives in peace with its own national and historical values, builds an efficient state system with problem solving ability, puts into practice a national development model mobilizing national resources, and comes to a respectable point among nations, will have a voice in 21st century world politics and economic life.

Turkey’s foreign relations with EU, USA and other countries that have failed to follow a democratic, civil and reciprocal path, will be reshaped according to a new perspective based on equality and the principle of mutual responsibility, and we will neither take part in any project against Turkey nor support them at all. No development, in the close or distant vicinity of Turkey, will not be able to threaten Turkey’s safety and peace and to disregard Turkey’s rights.

Having a fully independent foreign policy that cultivates fewer problems but more cooperation with the close vicinity will be the principal approach of the National Movement Party. As the foundation of regional peace and safety directly affects Turkey’s national interests, no global or regional power will be allowed to threaten peace and trust atmosphere despite Turkey.

Turkey will be indisputable leader of the Eurasia region which includes the Balkans, Middle East and Caspian Basin with the regional cooperation project to be developed in the next forty years. Turkey-centered civilization project will provide development in democratic standards in this geography, increase in welfare, assurance of human rights and freedom, establishment of peace and order, elimination of conflicts and tension, eradication of poverty, and an atmosphere in which people living in this geography will take their share from the virtues of living humanely.

Our perception of the world and humanity will be shaped by a vision of the synthesis of human based material and spiritual realms of AhmetYesevi, Mevlana, Yunus Emre, Hacı Bektaş-I Veli.

Countries that can adapt themselves to the universal and humane criteria that Turkey has set upon the state and human lives and wish to be a part of this umbrella of peace opened by Turkey will gain strength through this association.

During the next forty years that The Nationalist Movement Party is in power;

Basic human rights and liberties granted by birth will indisputably be guaranteed, rule of law will be fully established and no international political project in which Turkey is a part of will be allowed to violate those rights.

Turkey will be a country of 100 million people living in high standards.

90 percent of Turkey’s population will be living in urban centers, and people in rural areas will be provided with modern living standards.

Average education time the population in education age spend will be over 17 years, schooling rate in higher education will be over 75 percent.

All people from all ages will benefit from modern education opportunities in maximum, no voluntary citizen will be deprived of any educational practice except for compulsory education.

Turkey will become one of top ten largest economies in the world.

Turkish army will be one of the three greatest armies.

Income per capita will be over 30 thousand dollars.

No one will be poverty stricken, everybody will have a job and food, people in need will be taken under the state’s protection.

All high standard public services will be available and accessible for everyone.

Turkey will have the capacity to produce and launch satellites, and become a country benefiting from the potential of space.

A national defense industry with the capability of developing and using advanced technology, with global competitive capacity will be developed.

Use of information technologies will increase; e-culture will be established in the business operation of the private sector, civil society, public institutions and agencies.

New and renewable energy sources will be used with the help of advanced technology, Turkey will be freed from its energy dependency and become one of the determining actors on the international energy market.

Advanced technologies that enable to increase human living standards, level of welfare, to realize quality production will be developed and put into practice.

Turkish will be one of the most spoken languages in the world.

Turkish entrepreneurs will be the ones producing and selling on a global level, with the highest competitive capacity.

Commodities with the “Made in Turkey” brand will be the most required ones all over the world.
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